The following prayer considerations are timely every month and day of the year, not just in early January. Hopefully these thoughts express the yearning of every heart sincerely committed to God through Jesus Christ.

"God, work within me so that I erect nothing as a barrier to a growing understanding of Your purposes."

"God, help my knowledge be a stepping stone to wisdom, not the inner arrogance of prideful attitudes."

"God, teach me to praise You. May all things lead me to glorify You, not them, not me."

"God, help my faith and my love grow through understanding. May I never view ignorance as a virtue. May I never fear understanding."

"God, help me extend hope to those Jesus died to save. May Jesus teach me to reflect You. Help me avoid the temptation of judging those who seek Your rescue."

"God, help me nurture and encourage every person who belongs to You."

"God, You teach me how to love and focus that love."

"God, teach me how to be compassionate. Help me realize You cannot touch hearts and lives through me unless I am compassionate."

"God, teach me to be merciful. Help me understand that I cannot decide and do not determine who should and should not receive Your mercy. May Your mercy teach me how to extend my mercy."

"God, teach me how to forgive. My greatest joys in life flow from Your forgiveness. May the joys of Your forgiveness guide my forgiveness."

"God, Your rule blesses our world. Your rule in people's hearts through the Lordship of Jesus Christ would be this world's greatest blessing. Whatever the cost, help me surrender to Your rule."

"God, may Your kingdom be shaped by Your purposes and not my or our preferences."

"God, help me understand that my knowledge, understanding, or imagination cannot limit You. May the temptation to confine You to human thought never victimize me."

"God, may I always be clay in Your hands! May You never stop molding me! Come, Lord Jesus!"

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 5 January 2003

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