We live in a selfish country existing in a selfish world. In specific ways, all countries and all ages have been selfish. Christianity began in a "me" centered society located in a "me" centered empire. Perhaps saying we are a selfish society indicates no more than this: today's selfishness continues a long history of human selfishness in every age.

Evil always makes people selfish. Eve ate the forbidden fruit to have God's knowledge of good and evil. Cain killed his brother Abel. Israel built a golden calf in the wilderness. Israel worshipped the Baals in Canaan. The rich young ruler asked Jesus the "right" question. Ananias and Sapphira lied about their gift. They all thought what they did was to their advantage.

Selfishness motivated all of them, and resulted in horrible consequences. What appeared to be "good for me" was disastrous. Sometimes fear produces selfishness. Sometimes pleasure produces selfishness. Sometimes the desire for advantage produces selfishness.

We live in a sexually saturated society that makes sexual pleasure an American god. Our commercials, our television programs, our movies, and our Internet all have a significant sexual component.

The more devoted we become to this god, the more selfish we become. It is not the unselfish relationship of successful marriage many seek. It is the "rightful" pursuit of personal gratification many demand. As hunger for selfish sexual excitement grows, marriage disintegrates, divorce is common, and pornography is a constitutional "right."

The most devastating result of sexual selfishness is abortion. For some, discovery of a pregnancy is a worrisome inconvenience threatening "my" lifestyle. For others, the discovery of a pregnancy is a time of horrible fear and major anxiety. In both situations, there is a "simple solution" -- abortion. One person endures the "inconvenience" of abortion and feels little.

Another person fearfully submits to an abortion and never forgives herself for destroying a life. Christians have a dilemma. We are anti-abortion. Yet, we are pro-forgiveness. Please do not allow the god of sexual pleasure to seduce you. Selfish gratification at the altar of the god of sex kills.

God did not give us the gift of sexual intercourse to be selfish. If worshipping at the altar of the god of sex resulted in a pregnancy and abortion, learn about God's forgiveness. Repent and forgive yourself by accepting God's forgiveness. Let Him heal your heart and conscience with His forgiveness.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 11 August 2002

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