Reminders are incredibly important! At times I place a "sticky note" in a strategic place to "remind" me. I often leave things on our table at home to "remind" me. I must confess that when I sit in my recliner, if I need to do something at a specific time, it is foolish (stupid?) not to set a timer to "remind" me (yes, I unintentionally doze-well!).

December is a "reminder" month. Though no way exists to know the date of Jesus' birth, for centuries December has been a "reminder" of God's enormous love for us. It is more than a "reminder" of God's love. It "reminds" us genuine love joyfully, sacrificially commits. It "reminds" us God's love modeled the love that must live in us. It "reminds" us that we can sacrificially love others because God loves us. Please do not allow greed or self-centeredness to hide the "reminder." Use your words, tone of voice, attitudes, emotions, body language, and kindness to let all touched by your life know your love. Love others because God loves you! Jesus proves He does!

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 23 December 2001

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