Few experiences discourage anyone as much as being taken for granted. Few experiences energize anyone as powerfully as appreciation. That is the voice of experience. Occasions that deeply discouraged me invariably come when I feel taken for granted. Times when I am powerfully energized invariably come when I know I am appreciated. Is not that the way your "motivation system" works?

In these inner feelings I doubt you and I are different. If you are a Christian servant, you feel deeply discouraged when you feel "taken for granted." You also feel powerfully energized when you feel appreciated.

Please forgive me for not saying "thank you" as often as I should--which should be constantly! I see so many things done to bless and encourage. I notice quiet, considerate acts of unselfish service. Because of my work, I am privileged to witness many things others never have opportunity to see.

I give special thanks to all who make our fellowship occasions reality on fourth or fifth Sunday evenings. Much "thankless" work make those times a reality. Special thanks to all who helped this fifth Sunday evening. Sickness required some key people to be elsewhere that evening. Volunteers promptly filled the gaps. Perhaps "thank yous" were not as generous as deserved. I noticed, and I thank you.

Last Sunday morning many of the adult classes began new studies. Those adult classes will study Climbing On The Altar, a careful examination of Romans 12:1 through 15:13. I encourage you to be part of a class each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.

We do not conduct these studies to honor a tradition or perpetuate a habit. Attendance is not a church thing "that has always been practiced." Classes meet and study to encourage individual Christians as they develop a committed, in-depth relationship with God. We learn godly principles, values, and standards that will help us be godly people in all our relationships.

We want to study Bible material that helps you be a godly person in your real world. This Sunday please complete an anonymous, brief input survey of only three questions:

  1. On a scale of 1-10 circle how you rate the Bible class material that we've been studying throughout 2000-2001. (10 being the best) Why do you feel this way?
  2. What subject(s) would you like to study that would best help you to grow in your relationship with the Father?
  3. Suggestions that you think will help our Adult Education Ministry at West-Ark.

Think about the questions. Fill in a survey form. Give the completed form to your teacher or place it in the box in the foyer. We want to encourage you to be a godly person in trying times.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 14 October 2001

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