Can you believe one quarter of 2001 is now history? Can you believe Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday morning, April 1? Can you believe summer is so near? As is graduation, the end of the school year, numerous weddings, and summer schedules!

Believe it! As you believe it, take a deep breath right now. In April and May this congregation shifts to overdrive. We will not shift to overdrive for the sake of "being busy." Every week the elders and staff are plenty busy. The staff starts a marathon every Monday and tries to cross the finish line by Friday afternoon. We do not look for ways to increase "busy."

We measure little by "busy's" standards. Our measurements involve hearts touched by the Lord, spiritual growth, development of godly relationships inside and outside of the congregation, and the development of godly behavior in personal lives.

Programs do not prove success. Changed lives prove success. Statistical increase does not prove success. Godly attitudes prove success. Bodies on pews do not prove success. Hearts and minds praising God prove success. The number affirming "church membership" does not prove success. Surrendering to Jesus' guidance and lordship proves success.

Often spiritual success is invisible, but occasionally it is visible. Much of the time success is quiet. Someone to whom you are close: overcomes a powerful temptation; turns his or her life around; is kind in the face of hostility; discovers the gratitude of being forgiven; promotes healing in a wounded relationship; returns good for evil; quietly shows mercy; actively expresses compassion; or lets God's grace govern him or her.

Many things will happen in April: over one hundred in Leadership Training for Christ will spend a weekend in Tulsa; Easter; an important Family Meeting; a fellowship meal; a new quarter of adult Sunday morning Bible classes begins; a lot of worship; a lot of study; a lot of prayer; a lot of fellowship.

One major happening in April will be weekly preparation for Friend Day on Sunday, May 6. Every Sunday in April we will give encouragement and make preparation for Friend Day. The entire month will be used in preparation for Sunday, May 6. You will be challenged and encouraged to be involved.

What is the goal? What is the objective? Numbers? No. The greatest "life resource" in my existence comes from understanding Jesus Christ. My entire life is shaped by Jesus' ministry, death, and resurrection. In these uncertain, troubled times, Jesus is the foundation for recovering, coping, and enduring. The goal and objective: to introduce our friends to life's greatest resource, Jesus Christ.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 1 April 2001

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