Sunday concluded "Missions Weekend," an annual November event to focus us on our foreign missions outreach for the coming year.

Goal: $140,000
(That amount is the budget for our numerous involvements.)
Our special contribution for missions:
(A second contribution taken after our weekly contribution)

On November 1, 1996, Joyce and I arrived in Fort Smith to work with this congregation. Our introduction to your work was Missions Sunday. The contribution was well over $100,000. For most of our lives, we worked with small to middle-sized congregations and some in West Africa. We were astounded to be part of a congregation capable and willing to commit so much in a single Sunday to its missions plans. It was a new experience for us.

Consider three things. Saturday morning several attended an informal prayer breakfast. Missionaries or involved contacts shared happenings in specific areas. One reported about an embassy for a formerly atheistic society. This embassy recently invited our mission team to relocate their residence and work in an unused section of its facilities. They are impressed with an outreach that shows mercy and compassion. Another reported on invitations to our teachers and preachers [on a regular basis] who are invited to teach congregations of a worldwide religion. In unlikely circumstances, a restoration movement is coming to life. The third told of the gift of land worth $500,000 in a major city of a third world country. The land was given to be the site of a new congregation. A national gave the land, and nationals are building a building and supporting a preacher.

Three principles we must remember. (1) All God asks us to do is sow the seed. Help people learn about Jesus Christ. Trust God to bring the seed to life and produce His crop. Do not waste time worrying about God's part. Trust God and sow the seed. (2) If we want God to entrust us with more ability and opportunity, we must use the ability and opportunity we have. Why should God entrust us with more if we fail to use what we have for His purposes? (3) God is sovereign. He does things His way [not ours!]. He does not need for us to tell Him how to do His work. Trust Him enough to sow the seed. Leave results to Him. Just teach Jesus Christ.

You doubt those things? Then, you need to read again the three things I shared, think, and ask God to increase your ability to trust Him to care for His work.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 19 November 2000

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