Our arrogance is often exposed. Yet, we are convinced that we are not arrogant! Arrogance exists in two basic forms. The first reveals itself in human-human relationships. The second reveals itself in the human-divine relationship.

Commonly, culture and society define arrogance in human-human relationships. In human-divine relationships, God's nature defines arrogance. We typically attempt to confront arrogance in human-human relationships. We typically are poor in identifying or confronting arrogance in our relationship with God. The Pharisees, Sadducees, lawyers, and scribes also failed to identify arrogance in the human-divine relationship.

To conclude God is dependent on humans is arrogance. To think "it is primarily up to us" to achieve God's will in our world is arrogance. The conviction that the critical leadership in the universal church, the American church, or the local congregation is human leadership is arrogance. To believe that God's will cannot be achieved in the crucified/resurrected Jesus unless "the right people are in control" is arrogance. To conclude that the "future of the church depends on human minds" is arrogance.

God is not helpless. He actively will pursue His eternal purposes after we are dead. The first century persecutions, decline of the Mediterranean world, dark ages, European Protestant Reformation, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, and twentieth century's instability did not stop God. Neither will the twenty-first century and whatever is beyond.

God is not a dependent. When we conclude He is, we are incredibly arrogant. When we think God is helpless, we need to open our eyes and see His fingerprints.

West-Ark is significantly involved in evangelistic and medical missions. One service we provide in other nations is the distribution of used eyeglasses. Skilled, committed members do an excellent job matching glasses to needs. To simplify their work, a focometer was acquired.

Opportunities created a need for a training video for the focometer. One Sunday an "SOS" was sounded, and Ralph Smith volunteered his skills. Thanks to those who use the focometer and Ralph's abilities, the training video became a reality.

Bob and Jane Fisher visited a Texas congregation. A class talked about a member who would soon visit Russia to match eyeglasses to needs. Bob asked the lady if she had a focometer. She did, but she did not know how to use it. She promptly received the video and had a very successful trip.

Can you see God's fingerprints? Do you examine them in your world and life?

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 8 October 2000

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