We have an expression to describe the person (a) who is in serious danger and (b) has zero chance of escaping that danger. The expression is "sitting duck." The sitting duck has no chance of escaping the hunter. Ducks fly with agility and speed. Ducks swim gracefully, but not with speed. Ducks run ugly and slow. A duck sitting in the water or on land has zero chance of escaping the undetected hunter.

The uncommitted Christian who is not actively serving God is a "sitting duck." Satan is the hunter. When we choose an existence that spiritually "sits" rather than "serves," 100% of the advantage is given to Satan. The "sitting" Christian will be wounded. "Sitting" certainly will result in great pain, and it can result in death.

Serving God is not merely a spiritual responsibility. Committed service to God in Christ gives God 100% advantage. God delivers us from evil in Jesus Christ for specific reasons. (1) It allows God to express and fulfill His love for us. (2) It allows us to express and fulfill our love for God. (3) It allows us to receive forgiveness. (4) It gives us the privilege of being members of God's family and citizens of God's kingdom. (5) It permits God to use us and our physical existence to achieve His purposes. We must never forget Christians exist to serve God's purposes.

Nothing will transform you or your life as will serving God. Congregations filled with servants grow. Christian individuals who are servants grow. Christian servants advance the purposes and objectives of our loving God and forgiving Savior. Every achievement God has accomplished in this evil world used human servants. Every achievement God will accomplish in this evil world will use human servants.

In the year 2000 we wish to dedicate Sunday Bible classes to a study of Christian service. We want to encourage each Christian to be God's servant. This is a clear, stressed, major theme in the Bible. God's Son, our example, was a servant. As God's sons and daughters, we are to be servants. To be God's servants, we must (a) surrender to God and (b) become "whole life" stewards. Beginning in January, these four themes will be the basis of our adult Sunday morning Bible classes.

Next Sunday, there will be a special meeting of all men who teach or are interested in teaching in the Sunday adult Bible class program in 2000. Adult teachers, Ted and I encourage you to meet with us. Please come. Consider the objectives. Consider the resources. Examine our materials and the plan. Help us begin preparation for our adult classes now.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 10 October 1999

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