Countless encouraging things are happening at West-Ark! Members speak of the encouraging spirit and attitude in the congregation. Visitors and newcomers talk about the friendliness. A recent visitor attending a Church of Christ for the first time said, "This is the first time I remember attending a church and feeling better when I left."

Sunday morning Bible study attendance is increasing. More young families are placing membership. The Discovery Dinners coupled with sponsoring families is producing the results of love and personal interest. Our first annual teachers' appreciation banquet was excellent. Jackie Chestnut shared valuable, encouraging insights. The bonds for the Family Life Center are sold. Construction has begun in earnest. CURE delivered a large truck load of cleaning supplies to the Beebe congregation to help in tornado relief/recovery.

Be prepared for the lion to roar! It is time! Satan has one primary goal. Everything he does targets the destruction of Christ's earthly objectives. God threw him out of heaven and confined his activities to earth. He lost the heavenly war, and he is furious!

Satan despises God. The depth of his hatred is seen in the crucifixion and all the events surrounding it. On earth, he opposes God in every possible way. He challenges Christ in every conceivable situation and context.

Because he despises God, he despises any person who loves God. Only people who love God and trust Jesus Christ are an earthly threat to Satan. Satan must threaten, intimidate, abuse, and resist these people with every resource at his disposal. AND HE WILL! He who is responsible for Jesus' crucifixion will not smile harmlessly at those who live for Jesus.

The "tests" will come. The trials will come. Expect challenges to the congregation, to your family, and to yourself. Satan never surrenders a part of his kingdom or work without a fight. With all his being, Satan opposes anyone who dares challenge evil.

In love for God and faith in Christ, we dare challenge evil. The power of that challenge is not found in us. It is found in the God who gives forgiveness and life. Have no doubt! Satan is responding to our challenge! But do not be afraid. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 7 February 1999

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