Is your children's education important? Are the schools they attend of concern? Do you care who teaches them? Is their educational environment, their curriculum, their stimulus to learn, the school's philosophy, and the balance between academic and extracurricular activities of any concern? Would you consider allowing your children to receive no education?

Will you knowingly, intentionally, send your child to a "party" university that has minor interest in educating its students? As a parent, do you prefer a university that does more to provide "party opportunities" than it does to educate your child for the adult work force?

In your own job or career, must your learning continue? Do you update and advance your skills? Do you learn to understand and do new things? Do you attend seminars or classes that equip you to keep your job or advance your career?

Is it more essential (1) to educate your children for the adult work force and (2) to equip yourself to maintain your job/career than (3) to equip you and your children to live for God now and (4) to prepare you and your children to live with God eternally?

The next three Sunday morning worship assemblies will be devoted to encouraging our spiritual education. The Sunday morning sermons will challenge us to consider the never ending, growing importance of spiritual education.

A teacher achieves his or her purpose when someone learns. Do you learn?

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 10 January 1999

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