We Christians often discuss God's generosity. We theoretically talk about Him being the source of our blessings. We theologically talk about Him being the source of our salvation. We doctrinally talk about Him giving us an eternal home.

As children of the great Maker, we tend to be possessive with the things that presumably we make. What we make we tend to keep--at least the majority of it. What God made He gave to us.

God made the earth, and He gave people dominion.
God made people, and He gave us life.
God made Adam and Eve, and He gave them a companion.
God made a flood, and He gave humanity a new beginning.
God made Isaac, and He gave Abraham a nation.
God made Israel, and He gave the world a Savior.
God made His Son a man, and He gave us the Christ.
God made the resurrection, and He gave us hope.
God made forgiveness, and He gave us redemption.
God made the church, and He gave us a spiritual family.
God made the Holy Spirit the Comforter, and He gave us assurance.
God made heaven, and He has given us a reservation.

We made rebellion, and He gave us mercy.
We made defiance, and He gave us grace.
We made failure, and He gave us compassion.
We made sin, and He gave us atonement.
We make imperfect children, and He clothes us in Christ.

Do you know anything that God made which He did not give away? Do you know anything God gave away that did not benefit us? May we think about that as we place our sense of security in "what we made." May we think about that when we reflect on Jesus' statement: "It is more blessed to give than receive." God knows that is so!

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 15 November 1998

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