Satan is a gifted liar (John 8:44). His specialty is "mind games." His "mind game" with Eve began with a lie. After hearing her repeat God's warning, he said, "You won't die! God is dishonest! He knows when you distinguish between good and evil that you will be as smart as He is" (Genesis 3:4,5). Deception then guided her observations (Genesis 3:6). Satan won the "mind game," and human evil became reality.

All temptation begins with a "mind game." Deceit is the key to all wickedness. All evil, from vicious violence to "innocent" self-righteousness, begins in the mind.

Satan's most sophisticated "mind games" are reserved for worship assemblies. He convinces us that we are worshipping while we actually are "playing" his "mind game."

Three events produced the three most significant transitions in human history. Each transition forever altered human reality. In the first, evil became a part of human existence. In the second, forgiveness became available to all humanity. In the third, humanity will appear before Jesus Christ.

Our weekly communion acknowledges all three. We consider the significance of each transition, and we praise God for what He did for us in Jesus' death.

The power of the Lord's Supper is mental. It is not perfunctory, habitual, or mechanical. We do not "take communion" merely because we eat the bread and drink the juice. Communion is far more than listening to prayers, eating the bread, and drinking the juice. One can do all three and not commune with God and Christ.

When you participate in communion, do you focus on Jesus Christ, or do you play a "mind game" with Satan? His selection is as diverse as video games. "Distraction," "criticism," "daydreams," "anticipation," and "impatience" are but a few of his games.

The ultimate communion experience will come when we commune with Jesus in heaven. How we will celebrate! Celebrate what? Jesus' victorious destruction of evil. Jesus' marvelous gift of forgiveness. Jesus granting us eternal salvation in heaven. Praise and only praise will fill every mind! May that praise begin here and now!

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 20 September 1998

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