Originally the word "momentum" was a science word. It measured the speed and the mass of a moving object. It defined the amount of energy needed to stop a moving object.

That science word is now a popular people word. Every "people activity" knows that creating momentum is critical. No matter what the activity (politics, championing a cause, or competing in a sport), momentum is critical. Why? Momentum moves the campaign, the cause, or the competition to a point of becoming virtually unstoppable.

Momentum in "people efforts" is not an imaginary force. It is quite visible. Consider team sports. Often you actually see the momentum shifting. It is amazing to watch a team who is definitely defeated become a team that refuses to be beaten--in the same game.

Momentum shifts when what was seen as impossible is suddenly seen as possible. When people who fear that they can not become people who know that they can, momentum shifts. The soul of momentum in any human endeavor is faith.

In our spiritual quest in Christ Jesus, positive momentum means everything. A unique blend of faith in God, love for people, commitment to service, and confidence in God's purposes generates positive spiritual momentum. When Christians gladly combine their spirits with God's Spirit, momentum accelerates. As fear decreases and faith increases, positive spiritual momentum moves the congregation.

It takes only fear and inactivity to control a congregation with negative spiritual momentum. It requires much more to move a congregation through positive spiritual momentum. That takes faith, love, service, and confidence in God.

Negative spiritual momentum produces depression and bitterness. Positive spiritual momentum produces joy and hope. Can you see and feel our positive momentum growing? Is it blessing you? Will you help it accelerate?

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 9 August 1998

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