Music always has been a powerful language. It eloquently expresses moods and emotions that words without music cannot express. Music is a rare form of communication that is universal, transcultural, transgenerational, and ageless. Amazingly, music from a specific age and specific culture can powerfully touch and move people of all ages in numerous cultures a century later.

Music is a primary means of communication within our society. You doubt that? Have you "noted" the role music plays in television programs? movies? commercials? For teens and young adults, it is the number one vehicle of communication.

We listen to it in our cars. We listen to it as we exercise or do routine chores. We hear it so frequently during the day that we often do not notice it. Because it is ingrained in daily life, the CD and tape music market is a major, world wide industry.

We relax to music. We "psyche up" to music. We stimulate patriotism with music. We "supercharge" crowds at ball games with music. We express joy with music. We grieve with music. We pursue romance with music.

Music and life are inseparable. Important occasions, important events, and important moments always include music.

Singing allows us to express feelings, thoughts, and emotions as can nothing else. We can "say" things in song that we cannot express as meaningfully or powerfully in any other way. Whatever our mood, we "experience" it with music.

The music of song must assist our worship. We "say" things to God by song that we likely could not even say in prayer. Emotion, attitudes, and feelings can be expressed meaningfully by every individual in the assembly. By song we all talk to each other, to God, to Christ, and to the Spirit simultaneously--without confusion! By song we converse with our hearts and spirits and well as our tongues.

We want our singing to be a more significant part of our Sunday morning worship assemblies. We do not want merely to sing more songs. We want our singing to give voice to our hearts as we celebrate life in Christ. We want each Christian to feel our Lord's presence as the congregation expresses itself in song. We want our visitors to be moved by the praises that are offered by song.

For the next two weeks I will share with you the ways in which we hope to use our singing to worship God more meaningfully.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 6 July 1997

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